Teen Patti Cash Apk (V2.7.1) Download 2020

What is teen patti cash apk?

Teen patti is also known as Indian poker, Flush, Flash, or 3 card brag. Teen patti game is playing between 3 to 6 people on the basis of their card strength and their skills. Basically, teen patti is an Indian gambling card game, and it is very popular in south asia. People play this game with 3 card face side down, according to the rule of this game, players show their cards and the winner will collect the prize from the center of the table.
The winner declared by the strength of his three cards like;
1- Sequences (or run)
2- Trail or set (tree of the same rank)
3- High card
4- Pure sequence
5- Colour
6- pair ( two-card of the same rank)

Teen patti game is a kind online earning application, on which people can play and earn some real cash. This teen patti cash game is for android phones, by which people get an online platform to show their skills and able to make money from their home.

Why do we need to download the teen patti cash game?

We need to download teen patti game because, almost everyone in the world wants to earn money from their home, and teen patti android game is all about earning money in mobile phones. And this game has some really amazing features, we can play this game with our 3 to 6 friends which can very much enjoyable and interesting, and winner can withdraw his amount directly to his bank account, Paytm account, Phonepe account, etc, no need go anywhere for your money all you have to do from your home.

NameTeen Patti Cash
Size29.6 MB
Last update18 Nov, 2020

Main features of teen patti cash apk

Here in this teen patti game app lots of features available which are really amazing.

1- We can play this game between 3 to 6 friends or random persons.
2- We can win some real cash and get to our bank account, Paytm account, Google pay account,etc.
3- There is no fraud in this game, no one can cheat.
4- There is no taxes apply to your winning cash, all your winning cash is completely yours.
5- you can easily transfer your cash to your account without going anywhere, all you have to do is sit at your home and play the game and win real cash and then transfer it to your account.

Public review on teen patti real cash

Samuel mania:- hey i am Samuel, and i am here to tell you that this game is really amazing, it has the best features i ever used. I am playing this game from last 3 years and it never make me bored and frustrate because the game is real, no fraud no cheat experienced ever.

Raghu Upadhyay:- Hey this is Raghu here, and i am fully satisfied with this game, this game is absolutely free and has lots of features. guys trust me i have never experienced that quality of features in any similar apps. so i suggest you guys go and download this game for free.

Pallavi:- Hello everyone Pallavi this side, I would like to tell you that this game is fabulous, it take very less time to earn good amount, i play this game for very short time everyday and trust me guys i got full satisfaction, also i am a student so i have to consider my study as well, and i never has been disturb by this amazing teen patti game.

Martina riuz:- Hey guys Martina here, download this app if you really want to earn real cash, i am playing this game from last 1 and half years and i personaly suggest you guys to play this game and earn real money, thank me later guys.

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FAQs on 3 patti cash

Q- Is teen patti game is safe?
– Yes, this game is absolutely safe for users, there is no risk at all. it has very easy and safe withdraw methods with a 100% guaranty.

Q- Is this game help us to earn real money?
YES, this game earnings are real cash money, we must use real money to win or earn real money. I also playing this game from the last one year and i really earned well enough.

Q- Is this game contain ads?

Ans– YES, this game contains very few ads, but they are for a very short time, about a few seconds only and i am sure that ads will not disturb you at all.

Q- How to earn money on teen patti?

Ans– To earn real money on teen patti, first of all, go to google playstore and install teen patti game, and then login to teen patti app and then add some money to teen patti wallet and play with your wallet money and win real money and transfer it to your account.

Q- How to withdraw money from teen patti game?

Ans– It is very easy, just go to your teen patti wallet, click on withdraw, select the amount you want to transfer and click the sources were you want to get your money i,e; Paytm, Bhim UPI, Google pay, Phonepe, etc.

My opinion on 3 patti real cash

Hello, guys, I hope all of you are having great time, and i hope you understand the article about teen patti and i wish this article will help you to out of all your confusion and problems. I personally suggest you guys this teen patti game is awesome you can download it and play it there is no any kind of risk to your account and no problem with the transfer process. If you guys have little free time in your busy day you can play this i sure it will help you to feel better.

Teen Patti Cash Apk

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