Screenshot Easy Pro Apk [2020]

Screenshot Easy Pro Apk, If you worried about “how to take Screenshot” in normal android phone, don’t worry because in this article I have shared an app that gives you a user-friendly interface for taking a screenshot. Screenshot Easy Pro is one of my favorite android app for taking a screenshot because it has some cool features that normal android app does not have just like the Hidden overlay area, Notification icon click, Camera hardware button, Emoticons. Please makes sure to download the Screenshot Easy Pro Apk file from a trusted site or platform, if you can’t do then you may be facing some issues like trojan & malware. So please download its apk file from a genuine site(, and protect your device from unwanted things.


NameScreenshot Easy Pro Apk
DeveloperIce Cold Apps
Last UpdateSep12, 2020

How to Download Screenshot Easy Pro?

The downloading and installation process of Screenshot easy pro is so simple. you only need to download its apk file from our site or you can simply download it by just clicking here. After downloading its apk file you also need to install it on your mobile phone by just double-clicking on it, During installation process, your device may be asked for some permission and it will also show a warning like “This file may be harming your device” But you don’t need to worried about this because this type of warnings always shows whenever you try to install any apk file on your device. But always make sure to download apk files from a trusted site because of gernerally site owners patches viruses with there apk files.


  • Multiline text uphold for Titles.
  • Shine and Shadow impact for stickers.
  • Point of view change in Insert Picture.
  • New Title textual style and styles.
  • Included Unicode 9 based emoticon stickers by EmojiOne.
  • Twist Brush impact for gadgets that help OpenGL ES 3.
Screenshot Easy Pro Apk

Public Review

Marjatta Strang – Special thanks to Screenshot Easy Pro, this android application helps me with taking a screenshot of my phone’s screen. generally, smartphone has screen sort features but some of the old android phone doesn’t contain. So this Screenshot Easy Pro apk helps those android users which not have screen short features, so if you one of them then please download it.

Robert Maier – This is not an ordinary screen short taking app because it has some amazing features which normal app does not have, just like the Notification icon click, Camera hardware button, Emoticons, text.

Barry Lowis – The beat part of this screenshot easy pro 3.1.16 apk is, you can also take the screenshot of the full webpage, but one thing I don’t want like in this screenshort apk that is, it shows some ads while using it.

Pat Kimbrew – I love to use, this Screenshot Easy Pro Apk because it has a userfriendly interface, and also it has some amazing features which make it an amazing screenshot taker app some of them is Rotate, Aspect ratio, and Shape. If your screenshot application does not have these featured then please download it because it helps you a lot in all cases.

FAQs(Screenshot Easy Pro Apk)

Q:- Is Screenshot Easy Apk Safe?

Ans:- Yes, but make sure to download its apk file from a trusted site.

Q:- How to download Screenshot Easy Pro for android Device?

Ans:- You can download its apk file by just clicking here.

Q:- Is Screenshot Easy Pro Apk works on Redmin Galaxy Note Series?

Ans:- Yes, definitly it is work on Galaxy Note Series.

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Opinion from my side

Screenshot Easy Pro Apk is one of the best android application for taking the screenshot of your screen, it gives some extra features. I think you need to install this application because it really helpful nowadays. if you have any queries regarding this application then please contact us because we are here for you.

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