Best Online Teaching Platforms in India

Hyy, guys whatsup? I hope you are well & you are doing the best in your life! Today I’m here to share the answer of the most askable question in India after lockdown that is which is the Best Online Teaching Platforms in India. This question is very genuine because after the lockdown there are many schools and colleges who’s out there teachers because they have no money to pay them. So at this condition teachers start searching the best online mode of teaching to there student, The idea behind is to earn money.

If you are also a part of that unemployed teachers then you are at the right place!!! because in this blog I have shared a list which contains Best Online Teaching Platforms, So go and check all teaching app because all of them are good & there is no risk of liking your personal data. Let me tell you one thing before you go to download below teaching app, some of the below-given apps are free, & some of paid.

Table of Content

    1), Zoom.

    2), Skype Meet Now.

    3), Cisco Webex.

    4), Google Meet.

    5), Hangouts.

    6), StarLeaf.

    7), Jitsi Meet.

    8), Whereby.

    9), Slack.

    Best Online Teaching Platforms


    Q:- which is the best online teaching app?

    Ans:- There are many apps are available in the app market which claim that they have batter features for online teaching, Some of them I have given in an article you can easily visit it just by clicking here.

    Q:- is zoom best for video conferencing?

    Ans:-Yes, definitly zoom is the best app for video conferencing till now.

    Q:- which is best zoom or google meet?

    Ans:- Both Zoom & Google meet are good, but if you want to know which is batter from me then my answer is Google meet I’m saying this because google meet has batter user interface as compared to zoom.

    Q:- which is best google meet or jiomeet?

    Ans:- No doubt, Google meet is batter than all video conferencing app that are available now in-app market because of its user-friendly interface.

    Discussion On Best Online Teaching Platforms in India

    Reviewed by Ranjit:- hyy guys this is Ranjit,& I’m here to share my some of the experience after teaching students through online by using video conferences app. belief me guys this era of modernization help me to save my time during traveling for teaching the students. if you are one of those teachers who’s still not using online platform for teaching students then please hurry up because this new era of moderation in education will give you more benefits.

    Reviewed by Suraj:- After lockdown in India there are many school & collages who’s want to run there a class in online mode, but there are many issues are come in between these plans, the main problem was which is the Best Online Teaching Platforms in India because there are the huge number of app are available in the app market which claims that they have batter features as compare to there competitor. I’m very thankful to the owner of this site because they have given us a list of the Best Online Teaching Platforms.

    Conclusion on Best Online Teaching Platforms

    hyy, guys this is Anurag & it’s time to share my own opinion on the most askable question Best Online Teaching Platforms in India. According to my own opinion & experiences, I will go with Google meet & Zoom app because both of them are the most rated and downloaded app till now. If you guys have any queries related to Best Online Teaching App in India then please contact us because we are here for you.

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