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Immuni Apk, It play a important role in COVID-19 by reducing the chance of infecting people with the virus, it is developed by Extraordinary Commissioner with the collaboration of Ministry of Health and the Ministry for Innovation Technology and Digitalization of the Italian government.

its my humble request to download this app if you live in Itali because it play a big role to safe you from COVID-19 like a defender. Please be with this blog till the end because at the end of the article I was shared a direct and safe download link of the application.

Why we need to install Immuni Apk?

It is compulsory to download this Immuni apk if you really want to safe your life from the COVID-19 Virus. the working process of this app is too simple you only need to download it from below download bullton and then just install in on your device and then, fill your profile details, and Done.

Now, your work is done, and its Time to play the Immuni app role, by sending notification whenever any COVID-19 infected person passes near you. it also have some instruction which helps you to avoid Infection with virus.

I think the above reason is sufficient for you, for understanding “why need to install Immuni apk”. So, go and download Immuni app on your android devices and feel safe from the COVID-19 pandemic situation.


How to Download Immuni Apk?

You can download it directly from google play store or you can also download it by just clicking on the download button which is given below, Download it, only if when you live in Itali because the Immuni apk is originally made for Italy citizens.

If you are a outsider then you can take the help of your country local Covid-19 app, For example if you belog frm India than here you can take the help of aarogya setu app, which works same as Immuni app.

How Immuni Apk Safe our Persontal Data?

  • The data got a good deal on the wireless is mixed.
  • The relationship between the application and the server are encoded.
  • All data, whether or not set aside on the device or on the server, is deleted when not, now significant, and irrefutably no later than December 31, 2020.
  • The Ministry of Health is the body that assembles the data and decides for which purpose to use it. The data is used only with the purpose of containing the COVID-19 epidemic or for intelligent investigation.
  • The data is taken care of on servers in Italy and regulated by open bodies
Immuni Apk

Public Review

Marjatta Strang – This app is like a God blessing during this COVID-19 pandemic situation, I’m using this app since 25 days and the Immuno app plays its good role by sending alerts whenever any Infected person passes near me. So go and download it if you want to be safe.

Robert Maier – This is a good app but I don’t like it because it consumes too much power by opening Bluetooth of your device. But if you have a good battery backup then you must go for it.

Barry Lowis – Yes, it is a good app but I think it is not fair to develop it for only Italy citizen, It is my humble request to the developer please develop it more for all countries because everybody have right to become safe at this situation either he/she rich or Poor.

Pat Kimbrew – the best part of the Immuni apk is, it also shows some instructions which really helpful to become safe in this pandemic situation. Its have one more good feature that is, “Report Positive” if you feel you are an infected person then you simply contact the hospital with this app.


Q:- Is Immuni Apk Safe?

Ans:- Yes, but make sure to download its apk file from a trusted site.

Q:- How to download Immuni Apk for android Device?

Ans:- You can download its apk file by just clicking here.

Q:- Is Immuni App works on Redmin Devices?

Ans:- Yes, it works on almost every devices.

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Opinion from my side

If you want to become safe from an infected person how’s live in your area then you must try the Immuni app, it gives alerts whenever an infected person passes near you. I think you must download it if you are a citizen of Italy. If you want to ask any other thing related to the Immuni app then please contact us because we are here for you.

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