Dead2me Call and Text Blocker [Unlocked]

Dead2me Call and Text Blocker, if you want to block anyone with there text messages then you should try Dead2me android application on your mobile phone. Dead2me is a perfect way by which you can block anyone with there call, Messages, and Photos, In this article I’m going to share its apk file with the direct download link. So read this article very carefully.

How to Download Dead2me Call and Text Blocker?

If you want to download Dead2me Call and Text Blocker Apk file for your mobile phone then you should download it by just clicking here, or also from the below Download button, But one thing I want to clarify that at the time of Apk installation you might be facing some Phone warning just like your phone maybe show “This Apk file may harm your device”, but you don’t need to worry about this warning because whenever you install any apk file then this type of message always occurs on your display. But make sure to download it from a trusted site.

How to Use Dead2me Call and Text Blocker Apk?

The operational precess of Dead2me Apk is not to complex, you only need to open its app from your phone screen and then you got some options just like “Block every one, Block person, Block all text messages….ect”

Select your option according to your need. and enjoy your app by blocking your haters.

Features of Dead2me

prepared and continually refreshed database (authorities, microfinance foundations, banks, associations, forcing unneeded administrations “spam” or other undesirable numbers);

  • Quick blocking.
  • separate block rules for any sim-card.
  • good with most telephones, including 2-SIM telephone.
  • least processor, memory, and battery stacking.
  • deals with most gadgets.
  • block strategies: end call (dismiss)/Silence ringer.
  • block approaching call by network database.
  • boycott through Block.
  • block covered up/private numbers.
Dead2me Call and Text Blocker

Public Review

Anurag Singh:- Hii, I’m anurag is here to share my experince regarding Dead2me Call and Text Blocker Apk. Dead2me is one of the best app amoung all call blocker app becuse of its features. I’m using it Since 2 years and I am really happy it performance.

Varsha Singh:- Hii this is Varsha Singh, and I’m giving big thanks to Dead2me Call blocker because its help me to block all unwanted call which comes during my Exams, I also prefer to all please download this apk.

Ashutosh Gupta:- Please don’t download this Dead2me Call and Text Blocker Apk because it takes the permission of unnecessary things just like mice, Location, and many more. I suggest others to don’t download this call blocker app.

Vishal Verma:- Really amazing call and Text blocker app, the best thing about this app is, once you set your setting accouding to your need, means which type of call you allow to block an dwhich type of you want to allow to ring, after that its work automatecly without any time dely and inerpet.


Q:- How to Download Dead2me Call and Text Blocker Apk?

Ans:- You can download it,by just clicking here.

Q:- Is Dead2me safe for Our Device?

Ans:- Yes, but make sure to download it from a trusted site like our site.

Q:- Can we download Dead2me Call and Text Blocker for IOS Devices?

Ans:- Yes, but currently we don’t have any apk file for IOS Devices.

Q:- How to download original app of Dead2me Call and Text Blocker?

Ans:- if you want to download Dead2me from the original plateform than click here.

Also Download


I think if you are a student or a busy person then you should tryied it at list once time because of its amazing features. If you want to ask anything regarding Dead2me Call and Text Blocker than contact us, we are here for you.

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