Best Online Study App for Students [2020]

we are living in the 21st century,& its time to change our study method or ways from offline to online. online mod of study provides us much more flexibility as compared to offline just. the main advantage of online study is, it saves your precious time going home to coaching or coaching to home. Nowadays online study method becomes more popular because Now hug numbers of talented teachers are joining these platform which means Now you can also start preparing for the competitive exam at home without wasting your time& Money on traveling outside.

hyy guys, how are you??? I hope you are doing well in your life! Today I’m here to share a list Best Online Study App for Students. As we know after lockdown Indian education system start collapsing because there are no one allows to open of school/collages, The idea of making this article is, to provide the best Online Study App for Students in this pandemic situation. bellow giving all the educational apps are arranged according to my own opinion please don’t judge the goodness or badness of app according to its arrangement ranking.

1), Unacademy

2), Byju’s

3), Khan Academy

4), Vedantu

5), Vidyakul


7), Testbook

8), MyCBSEGuide

9), Toppr

10), Adda247

11), GradeUp

12), Coursera

13), Jigsaw Academy

14), Coding Ninjas

Best Online Study App


Q:- Which is the best online study app?

Ans:- There are many educational apps that are available in the app market, but if we talking about the best educational app then you should go with unacademy & Byju.

Q:- Which is best for UPSC BYJU or Unacademy?

Ans:- Both Byju & Unacedemy are the best educational app for competition exams, But according to me, unacademy is the best because the owner of this company is also was an IAS officer.

Q:- Which is better BYJU or Vedantu?

Ans:- I’m littel bit confisued in the comprision bitween byju & Vedantu, but I will go with Byju.

Q:- Where we get the best online study app for Students?

Ans:- you can easly get the list of best online study app, by just clicking here.

Discussion On Best Online Study App

Reviewed by Anuj:- There are many bad aspects of COVID-19 are outcomes, but COVID-19 have a good sense because due to this In India every collages & school started there online classes, this small step towards the online education gives more advantages to the parents and student just like this modernization brings schools and collages at home, and also you don’t need to go outside for education now everything is accessible by your phone only.

Reviewed by Rahul:- This sifting face of Indian education from offline to online, it will bring a digester change in the Indian education system because As we know India have 70% young generation, so its requirement of education will be easily full fill by this idea of online education. Now every educational company wants to be a part of the best online study app.

Conclusion on Online Study App for Students

Its time to my conclusion on the most askable question, Best Online Study App for Students. I think going online in the study is the best way by which we can save our & our children’s time. if you guys have any problem regarding this topic then please contact us because we are here for you.

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