Best Alternative of PUBG Mobile [2020]

As we know Indian government banned chines apps including PUBG Mobile, After the statement of Indian government pubg lover got angry on the system but it is necessary to be done because generally, Chinese companies misuse our data by there app So it is necessary to take this step. Now the main question is what is the Best Alternative of PUBG Mobile?

Hyy, guys whatsup!!! I hope you are doing well in your life, today i’m come here with a solution of the most askable question “Pubg Alternative in India”. please read this blog till the end because in this article I have given the direct download link of the game which is an Alternative of PUBG Mobile, & along with this, I have also shared some of important on Alternative games which is very important to know before downloading any game on mobile because, if you download any game without knowing it’s pro’s & con’s then it may raise some critical problem like phone hating, lagging and many more.

1)- Call of Duty Mobile Game


  • Multiple campaign endings.
  • Faster gameplay.
  • Create-A-Class improvements.
  • Warzone continued.
  • Cross-play.
Best Alternative of PUBG Mobile

2)- Free Fire Mobile Game


  • Realistic and smooth graphics.
  • Clash Squad.
  • 4-man squad, with in-game voice chat.
  • 10 minutes, 50 players, epic survival goodness awaits.
  • Survival shooter in its original form.
Best Alternative of PUBG Mobile

3)- Creative Destruction

Best Alternative of PUBG Mobile

4)- Fortnite

Best Alternative of PUBG Mobile

5)- Most IO games

Best Alternative of PUBG Mobile

FAQ’s on Best Alternative of PUBG Mobile

Q:- where we get Pubg Best alterative?

Ans:- You can easly get the best alternatives of Pubg Mobile on our site, you can visit it by just clicking here.

Q:- which is the best alternative of PUBG Mobile?

Ans:- According to me Free Fire is the best alternative of PUBG Mobile, because both of them having same features.

Q:- which is the best Non Chinese alternatives of Pubg?

Ans:- I think COD is the best alternatives of pubg, the best thing about COD( Call of Duty) is it is not Chinese.

Q:- Which is batter as the alternative of PUBG,  Call of Duty or Free fire?

Ans:- According to me free fire is the best alternative of PUBG Mobile as compare to Call of Duty.

Source:- Gadgets 360 (Youtube Channel)

Conclusion on Best Alternative of PUBG Mobile

hello buddies its time to my own opinion on the most askable question Best Alternative of PUBG Mobile, In the above paragraph, I have given the best pubg alternative. which is much similar to the features of pubg, if you want to listen to my own opinion on the Best PUBG Alternatives then, according to me Call of Duty is the best alternative. If you have any queries on pubg alternative than please contact us because we are here for you.

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