Uber Customer Care Number | Toll-Free Customer Care Number

Uber Customer Care Number - Hello guys in this article I will give you the most important & most askable Questions that are Uber Customer Care Number, So please being with this article and I will give you the best way that you connect to Customer Care of the uber.

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Here I'm clearing that there is no direct way by which you can get Uber Customer Care Number. But uber provide an indirect way by which you connect with Uber Customer, Read the following things which helps you to connect with uber customer care.
This is not as simple as we just make a phone call or write to UBER.
Well, issues related to the trip should be reported in the following way.
* Open the Uber app.
* On a left side menu there is option my trips; tap on it.
* All your past trips will reflect there.
* Select the trip.
* There is HELP option below, choose an appropriate cause or          select “I had a different issue”
* Trust me Uber is very agile to revert and resolution is a very prompt and positive way.

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Uber Customer Care Number

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Public Review

Here I'm giving Public Review which is taken from playstore which helps you to understand the original app and the given app which are modded by us.

Reviewed by- Gaurav Walia

It serves its purpose, but it is ridiculous that there is no customer service phone number!! Only for safety. Emailing is very inconvenient and time-consuming, especially when you are stuck somewhere trying to get a ride, but can't because something is going on with your account and you have to fiddle with the app answering vague multiple-choice questions just to wait up to 2 days just to see if you get a response! NEED A PHONE NUMBER!!

Reviewed by- Darshit Kotak

Why should I have a password to access the application if I log in with my Google account + SMS verification? Why should I set it once, forget it because you never need it and recover each time I change the device? Why you are not allowing me to use the app while I won't come through the flames of hell? Update. Thanks for your kind official answer. What is the idea to connect to me personally if you ask for a 3 steps verification for every user?

Reviewed by- Anuj Upadhaya

Good for nothing scammers! I had taken your Uber ride pass and mysteriously beating the end of 3 months, they canceled my ride pass due to technical issues. Now they have removed the option in help where I could enquire about the ride was cancelation. The last update that they provided, they claimed they needed more time to fix the ride pass renewal issue. Never trust Uber, they are a bunch of liars and scammers. Lyft honors Lyft pink ride pass that they provide and have better maps.

Reviewed by- Mahesh Yadav

When I call for a cab the message comes back "not a valid phone number". Yet I can get a text when signing in. Surely you know about validating phone numbers. The validation process does not accept google voice numbers. 01/07/2020 It is working now with my phone number. Thanks, Uber for resolving this issue. Just in time for my company event.

Uber Customer Care Number

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