Muviz Pro Apk Latest Version Download

Muviz Pro Apk Latest Version Download - Muviz is one of the best apk that gives you all the Thems and effects freely and it unlocks all the lock Premium Features, also it displays a Music Visualizer on your Phone’s status bar. So if you want to download this app then read this article very carefully.

Why we need to install  Muviz Pro Apk?
we need to install it because it is free and it provides us some amazing features which are given below.
  • It gives us some mind-blowing feature which another app not have.
  • It displays a Music Visualizer on your Phone’s Status Bar.
  • It unlocks all the lock features.


Muviz Pro Apk Latest Version Download, Muviz App For Visualizer

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How to install  Muviz Pro Apk?

The installation process of " Muviz Pro Apk" is so simple 
you will install it by using the following Points.
  • Download the app using the above link.
  • After downloading click on it.
  • do the configuration of the app.
  • use and enjoy it.

You will also Watch the given Video If you Facing Problem on Downloading.

Main features

Android Authority

* Muviz puts a nifty music visualization graphic right on your navbar.

Android Police

* Really neat if you are into this sort of thing.


* Muviz puts a cool audio visualization on your Android phone's navigation bar.


* The Ultimate Music Visualizer for Android.

XDA Developers

* An innovative audio visualizer that works on almost every Android phone.

Muviz Pro Apk Latest Version Download, Muviz App For Visualizer

                      Image result for muviz pro google

    Public Review

    Here I'm giving Public Review which is taken from Playstore. which helps you to understand the original app and the given app which are modded by us.

    Reviewed byReivo Meedla

    Is it possible to take in audio-only from certain apps? I want to be able to listen to Spotify while playing a game with the visuals. Muniz Edge had this option but this one doesn't, so could you please just put it on this one too?

    Reviewed by- Braveman Godson

    Honestly, I respect this app beyond measure, its accurate, works perfectly by its descriptions... No dull moment and it makes my phone becomes a wonder.

    Reviewed by- Andreas Flodman

    Love it! But, it doesn't work after the latest update. The visualized animates while in settings according to the Spotify output but as soon as you exit settings/minimize app it just hangs there. It doesn't crash or anything it just stops. Also, before the update, it didn't work well with DeX mode so you had to restart Muviz every time you connected your phone. Aside from that, I freaking love it!

    Reviewed by- Dottie Batiste

    After the recent update, the app works great now although for some of the more complex visualizations it has a considerable amount of lag and maybe a bit more options customization wise.

    Opinion From My Side

    Muviz Pro Apk is a really amazing app, I think you need to install it. I think the above information is sufficient for you but if you need more information related to Muviz Pro Apk than please comment below.