COD Mobile Beta Android Download Apk

COD Mobile Beta Android Download ApkHello friends, How are you 😊 I hope you are fine. today I'm giving you a moded gaming app that is really amazing "Call of DutyCall of Duty Mod apk give us unlimited money by using that money you able to buy unlimited weapons 'kyu hai na mazze ki baat' don't worry I'm taking any money for is completely free for you.i will provide you a moded version of "Call of Duty" this moded app is not available on any app providing platform. so if you want to download it and use it then read this article very carefully. there are some following points given in this article which will help you so let's gets started.

Why we need to install COD Mobile Beta [Android Download Apk]?

we need to install it because it is free and it provides us some amazing features which are given below.
  • ads free.
  • it gives us some mind-blowing filters which not have on any other app.
  • amazing background editing features.
  • less in size which is batter for our phone.


COD Mobile Beta Android Download Apk

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How to install COD Mobile Beta [Android Download Apk]?

The installation process of COD Mobile Beta [Android Download Apk] is so simple you will install it by using the following Points.
  • Download the app using the above link.
  • After downloading click on it.
  • do the configuration of the app.
  • use and enjoy it.

You will also Watch the given Video If you Facing Problem on Installing.

Main features

  • Unlock All Weapons.
  • Rapid-fire abilities.
  • No fog within the game.
  • 100% Safe (Anti-ban system).
  • Call of Duty Game Mod Ap file working on all Android versions.
  • It has many mod like survival, solo, etc.
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Public Review

Here I'm giving Public Review which is taken from Playstore. which helps you to understand the original app and the given app which are modded by us.

Reviewed byRonald Johnson

Used to be fun, but since the update, it's a complete waste of time! If you're not an expert forget it! - Consistently puts me on a losing team in a game that is already in progress. - Consistently pairs me with newbies. Dozens of games where I have 20+ kills and my team still loses. - Asinine tasks to complete. Prop Hunt and Zombies are just a waste of time. Always puts me in prop hunt that's already in progress. And when you pay for a crate you get credits most of the time.

Reviewed by- Guy Johnson

I play on a Samsung Galaxy S8. 1. People claim that this game is terrible because of lag. I would like to state that lag is caused by a bad connection between your device and the servers. I have had no problem with lag, so I can say that the game is fine. The only problems with lag is in your device or data/ wifi, not the game. 2. If you're just salty over loosing or being a terrible player, stop saying the controls suck, it's you not the damn game. Grow up.

Reviewed by- Aaliyah Yamauchi

A very good game with excellent gameplay, good graphics, and customizable controls. A must for FPP shoot up fans. There are some improvements to be made with a few more maps, and also with Battle Royal. In team mode, too many people play as individuals instead of working with the team. Perhaps if they gained a reward for reviving teammates, they might rethink their gameplay.

Reviewed by- Anurag Jaiswal

It's a really good game, it really is. Well, that was before the recent update. So let me correct myself; it USED to be a really good game, but it runs like utter garbage now. Even on a really good phone, it's been rendered unplayable as it lags genuinely every 20 seconds, and then it decides to play by itself so for the next 10 seconds you're sat there staring at your screen as your player runs into a wall and gets shot by a sniper or becomes zombie feed. Please fix this as soon as possible.

Opinion from my side

COD Mobile Beta [Android Download Apk] is a really amazing app, I think you need to install it. I think  above information is sufficient for you but if you need more information related to 'COD Mod Apkthan please comment below.