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Some key features of  Kairosoft Mod Apk
  • Easy-to-play social app developing company game.
  • Band together your team of great staff and bring them to the top of their game!
  • Develop groundbreaking games and become #1 in the industry!
  • Manage a game development/management company and create an amazing game special to you!
  • Train up staff and think up new project ideas all while racing against tight deadlines to become the game maker that everyone knows and loves.
  • Playing with your friends will cause new situations to arise that you won't want to miss out on too!
  • All game data is stored on your device. Caution is advised when deleting/reinstalling the app or changing devices as data transfer is not supported for this game.
  • In-app purchases are necessary to be able to use every function in the game.

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