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Download Podcast Player Mod Apk [V8.5.11]

Download Podcast Player Mod Apk - Before starting our topic firstly familiar with The word Podcast, Podcast is basically an audio file that can downloaded from the internet. There are alot of Podcast Player in the market like-
Native UWP, Spotify, MusicBee, Audiocloud etc...
In this artical, we can talk about Spotify Mod Apk so, let's get started.

Why we need to install Spotify Mod Apk?

There are some following point's on  Spotify Mod Apk, this show's why we need to install it.
  • No Ads.
  • it is 100% free.
  • it is Safe(not risk of leaking your personal data).


Download  Podcast Player Mod Apk  

 Image result for spotify

How to install Spotify Mod Apk?

The installation process of  "Spotify Mod Apk" is so simple, you will install it by using following Points.

  • Download the apk using above link.
  • After downloading click on it.
  • do configuration of the apk.
  • use and enjoy.

You will also Watch the given Video If you Facing Problem on Downloading.


Main features

  • Download music for offline listening and enjoy millions of songs for free.
  • Create a radio station based on the artists and songs you love.
  • Listen to music and enjoy the amazing sound quality.
  • Discover music with our Daily Mix recommendations.
  • Find new music you love and then build a customized playlist library.
  • Download music for when you’re listening on the move.
  • No ads when you’re listening to your favorite albums – just uninterrupted music.
  • No commitment - cancel any time you like.

  Image result for spotify

Public Review

Here i'm giving Public Review which is taken from playstore which help you to understand original app and the given app which are modded by us.

Reviewed by- Richard Cable

Playstation allows you to choose any song from your playlist to listen to for free. On here, you HAVE to pay for premium. Otherwise you have to shuffle your "liked" playlist and hope the song you want to listen to in that moment pops up. EDIT: its probably a good thing I either stopped or havent paid for premium. From seeing other reviewers who HAVE paid money, it sounds like theyre having a huge load of issues with bugs and the UI in general.

Reviewed by- Amy Blankenship

This app doesn't work. I can't get it to work right. But, when I do, an update is performed and the app no longer works. Lol, I can't believe how many people are still paying for the premium and complaining about the poor performance! Save your money and use something else. Pandora and iHeart radio are better than this. Amazon Music is similar, but at least it works.

Reviewed by- Ken Cassidy

Last update is garbage. Liked songs? Artist list not in LOGICAL alphabetical order. Many songs that were playable before update are now greyed out and not playable. If you click on one it freezes phone! Spotify WAS my favorite app. Functionally stupid after update. The library format is a mess. I'm canceling subscription! Not worth $9.99 a month after latest update.

Reviewed by- Doug duval

if this is the original app then the developer needs to change it back to the original ASAP why they decided to ruin a perfectly good application is beyond me, in its previous form exerting worked now it looks like every other app of its type and has ads bundled in for good measure if the developer doesn't revert to the old style or even give us an iron to do so i am outa here pronto.. bloody disgrace if you ask me......p.s. tried it for a few of days but the ads were in screen more than the app.

Opinion from my side

Spotify Mod Apk is really amazing app, I think you need to install it. I think above information are sufficient for you but if you need more information related to Spotify Mod Apk than please comment below.


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