Adventure Communist 2020 Latest Version [Mod Apk]

Adventure Communist 2020 - Hey guys I'm here with a new moded game "Adventure Communist Mod Apk".Adventure Communist is a mind-blowing game but there is a problem that is when you play this game then you will see some ads while playing this game and really this is not good, don't worry in this article I will provide you its moded version which may not contain ads, so if you want to download this amazing Moded game than read this article very carefully.

Why we need to install Adventure Communist Mod Apk?

There are some following points on adventure communist 2020, this show's why we need to install it.
  • No Ads.
  • it is 100% free.
  • it is safe at no risk of liking your personal data.


Adventure Communist 2020

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How to install Download Adventure Communist 2020?

The installation process of  "Adventure Communist Mod Apk" is so simple, you will install it by using the following Points.

  • Download the app using the above link.
  • After downloading click on it.
  • do the configuration of the app.
  • use and enjoy it.

You will also Watch the given Video If you Facing Problem on Downloading.

Main features

  • Recruit Researchers to automate your industries and increase their efficiency. They put the   “pro” in “proletariat”! 
  • Collect potato even while you idle or sleep. More potato than you can shake stick at; and we have very large sticks!
  • Gain Ranks as you complete Missions and bring the glory of Communist adventure to the  rest of world. Remember, one person’s invasion is another’s adventure!
  • Open free daily capsules to see what glorious resources Leader has provided.
Adventure Communist 2020
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Public Review

Here I'm giving Public Review which is taken from playstore which helps you to understand the original app and the given app which are modded by us.

Reviewed by- Brett Evans

Please remove the IronSource ads. Specifically ads for "Power Painter". Not only do these ads force you to go to the play store when you tap the X to close them, but upon return to the game, they do not award you with anything. The game acts as if you canceled the ad halfway through and you get no reward. And you cannot cancel them during the ad, so you have to watch the full thirty seconds, be forced to go to the play store, then go back to the game to receive no reward at all. Frustrating

Reviewed by- Tony Melo

This is a disgraceful waste of time. I'd swear this garbage was created to help push the left agenda by making it as if communism is a good thing like Bernie Sanders says. take this millenial trash and dump it. it's not worth a single advertisement. my God. I'd be willing to bet that somewhere, the DNC paid for this propaganda to be developed. save yourself the trouble and wasted time. stay away from this CNN garbage piece.

Reviewed by- Kevin Ellison

I had fun playing this game for a few weeks but with recent updates, it just crashes every time I launch the game. I tried clearing cache and data from my phone, reinstalling the game, and contacting customer support. No luck so far and reading through the comments I can see others have the same issue. Would change the rating to higher if this problem is addressed.

Reviewed by- Kevin Agnew

Very addicting. I love this game, the looks the investors the ranks! I especially like as you rank up your character changes look. Edit: Ok, this game is the best mobile game I have ever played. Barely any ads pop up unless you click a watch adoption, it's amazing. And I love all the updates this game does. It gets greater and greater, like your communist country!

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Opinion from my side

Adventure Communist Mod Apk is really amazing app, I think you need to install it. I think above information are sufficient for you but if you need more information related to Adventure Communist Mod Apk than please comment below.