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Parallel space mod apk Latest version [v4.0.8785]

hello guy's what's up i know you are wating for my new artical so, i'm here to give you a new  moded app that is a social media app can you guess the name of  that app ?.. Yes you are right i'm talking about parallel space mod apk. parallel space is a mind blowing app because of it's usability on google play store it's rating is 4.5/5 by this you guess that the popularity of this app past 4 to 5 year's this app booming on play store and also other app media's. this was top used app of the year 2016-18.parallel space mod apk allow to run dual app in single device (kyu hai na maje ki baat) so,without wasting your time come to the point in this artical i'm giving you direct download link of the parallel space mod apk so, please read this artical very carefully, i think if you read this artical and follow the given points than you don't face any problem on downloading this app.

Why we need to install it ?

we need to install it because it is free and it provide us some amazing features which are given below.
  • it give us some mind-blowing feature which other app not have.
  • run two different accounts of same app in single device. 
  • less in size which is batter for our phone.


Download parallel space mod apk

parallel space mod apk

Nameparallel space mod apk

Click here to Download

How to install parallel space mod apk

The installation process of  "parallel space mod apk" is so simple 
you will install it by using following Points.
  • Download the apk using above link.
  • After downloading click on it.
  • do configuration of the apk.
  • use and injoy.

You will also Watch the given Video If you Facing Problem on Installing.

Main features

  • Create a customized space by applying themes.
  • Has very high power also speed.
  • Unique: Parallel Space is based on multiDroid, the first application virtualization engine on Android.
  • Protecting your mobile security.
  • Switch fast between accounts with just one-tap.
  • Prevents others from accessing applications.
  • Switch between accounts by pressing.
  • Functionality is very simple also easy.
  • Powerful, stable & easy-to-use.
  parallel space mod apk

Public Review

Here i'm giving Public Review which is taken from Playstore. which help you to understand this app.

Reviewed by-xTheLostSinner

The app works great mostly, but I've been having an issue with it creating ghost windows in the background. Something like "Parallel Universe Facebook" which shows a blank window, and usually in multiple windows when I click my task manager button on my phone. Then I have to spend the next 2 minutes exiting a bunch of empty windows. Please fix this.

Reviewed by-Ovidiu Rusnac

After last update, app keeps closing in background, popping-out messages "Parallel Space 64bit keeps closing". Gave restart to phone, tried to stop it from Running Services..nothing stop it to give that message every second...making phone impracticable...had to uninstall it.. to bad because was a very good and useful app.

Reviewed by-CrimsonPeony

it keeps opening itself. really annoying and battery consuming edit: thanks for replying. As I said, it would be great if the app wouldn't randomly open itself. I got a system notification saying it was draining my battery. I also got stuck with a pop up notification that said the app had stopped working. And finally, most of the times I don't get the notifications of the duplicated accounts if I don't open the app.

Reviewed by-Gatcha' Ploopy

Warning!!! I am very scared of using this app again because it makes a duplicate of my apps without permission ex. I dont have facebook Duplicated but it opens its duplicated facebook i feel so scared rn if you dont want private info get stolen might i preffer you to find a diffrent app there are tons more safe apps to use than this one


Parallel space Mod apk is really amazing app,I think you need to install it. 
I think  above information are sufficient for you but if you need more information related to parallel space mod apk than please comment below.